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Hauling large of equipment


No Matter the Size, the Shape, Weight, we can Assist You

Our teams are familiar with all procedures related to the Export and Shipment of Heavy machinery and Industrial equipment.

In collaboration with our partners, take care of all the steps including the customs procedures and paper work .

Shipping oversized cargo is a matter of detail, proper planning and execution.

Whether you are shipping cranes, mining machinery, concrete equipment, earth movers, or drill rigs, each type of equipment requires a customized shipping solution.

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Customs Assistance


We work with the best at moving construction equipment around the world. Our Team’s can take care of all steps to ship any oversized cargo to anywhere in the world.

We will chose the best option for your shipment, RoRo service, break bulk or regular container line.

If need our Team’s can dismantle and load in containers or flat racks.

The export and Shipping service is an extra service that Easy Auction provides to buyers and sellers if required.

All items for sale at our auctions are sold on an ” as is, where is” basis.

For more information please read our Terms & Conditions or contact us.

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